Bitcoin & Blockchain Programming #007 – RPCs via Python

by Albert Szmigielski Previously we issued commands to bitcoind via PHP using Remote Procedure Calls. In today’s tutorial we will do the same using Python. We are assuming you have python installed on your machine. On Ubuntu 14.0.4 Python 3.4 is installed by default. If you do not have Python installed, just do a search on how to do it, there is a number of good tutorials out there. Or depending on your system you can try

If you are not sure if Python is installed on your system you can check by doing:

for versions 2.x or

for versions 3.x The RPCs to bitcoind are accomplished via json format, so we will need a library for

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Compiling Bitcoin Classic from Source on Ubuntu

by Albert Szmigielski If you would like to run Bitcoin Classic and you want to build it from source here is the way to do it. In your terminal navigate to the directory you want Bitcoin Classic to reside in. Then clone the GitHub repository:

cd into the Bitcoin classic directory

checkout the branch with 2MB support

Now run the autogen, and configure scripts

If any of the dependencies are missing then configure will let you know, install the dependencies (see below) and try again from ./configure If all the dependencies are met you can now build (this will take a few minutes)

optionally you can also install

If all the dependencies were met

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Bitcoin blocksize increase discussion – summary and analysis of proposals.

by Albert Szmigielski Introduction Currently Bitcoin blocks are limited to 1 MB. This limit implies a certain number of transactions per time frame. Bitcoin blocks are found on average every 10 minutes, therefore on average we can expect 7 transactions per second. In order to compete with established companies, Bitcoin must scale up and therefore increase the blocksize to allow more transactions per time frame. Increasing the blocksize would require a hard fork. Anytime major changes are required to the Bitcoin protocol different interest groups raise their concerns and lobby for their interest. Proposals There were four proposals for increasing the blocksize put forward. They can be found in BIPs 100 through 103, and BIPs 105, 106, the unofficial 248,

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