Compiling Bitcoin Classic from Source on Ubuntu

by Albert Szmigielski

If you would like to run Bitcoin Classic and you want to build it from source here is the way to do it.
In your terminal navigate to the directory you want Bitcoin Classic to reside in.
Then clone the GitHub repository:

cd into the Bitcoin classic directory

checkout the branch with 2MB support

Now run the autogen, and configure scripts

If any of the dependencies are missing then configure will let you know, install the dependencies (see below) and try again from ./configure
If all the dependencies are met you can now build (this will take a few minutes)

optionally you can also install

If all the dependencies were met this should have built bitcoind in the src folder, and bitcoin-qt in the src/qt folder

GUI (bitcoin-qt)

On my system bitcoin-qt was not built, I guess some of the dependencies were missing.
To built bitcoin-qt I did the following:

to check if bitcoin-qt was installed just do

Screenshot - 16-02-14 - 01:01:09 PM
let’s run it:

Screenshot - 16-02-14 - 01:06:57 PM


The dependencies are listed in the doc/ file.
You can take a look at our post “Building bitcoind on linux” to see what libraries we have used.


You can download pre-built binaries from the releases GitHub page

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