Bitcoin & Blockchain Programming #001 – Introduction

By Albert Szmigielski

It has come to our attention that there is a shortage of Bitcoin and Blockchain programmers. As a result we have decided to post a series of tutorials starting at the very beginning. We will download and set-up a full Bitcoin wallet and then we will proceed to go through all the commands and how to use them. We will show you how to connect to your wallet programmatically via RPC calls (Remote Procedure Calls) , and finally we will put together a couple of projects using the material we have covered.


We will work in Linux, for Windows users we will show you how to install a Virtual Machine (VM) so you can run Linux on it as well. Mac users should be able to use the Linux instructions.

Here is our plan

  1. Introduction (this post)
  2. VM set up for windows
  3. Bitcoin core – building from source
  4. We will go over every command one by one
  5. RPC calls
  6. Testnet
  7. Simple Project
  8. Intermediate Project
  9. Advanced Project

Our hope is that after following all the tutorials, you will have enough knowledge to create your own blockchain apps, or even land a job as a Blockchain Engineer.

Please use #BitBlkProg to refer to these tutorials.

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